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How to hang pictures?

The general principle is to hang the picture where it will suit the interior or area.  In hanging of artwork try to environment where the pictures, photo’s or other pieces could complement each other.

Proportion and balance is of importance when trying to create a specific image.  Furniture, windows and ceilings will also play a major role.  The size of the room will also determine the way and what you are going to hang.  Lots of small pieces in a rather large room will look out of proportion.

Height is always an issue.  The rule of thumb is that the focus should normally be at eye level, this be the norm when hanging a single object like a mirror.  When hanging a group of pictures or when you are stacking pictures then focus or level should differ.

Pictures can be hung in specific groupings to give emphasize to a certain atmosphere or ambiance like when wanting to create a dramatic foal point in a room.  Pictures can also be stacked or hung in an informal way. Different types and sizes of frames can also be used together to create the informal look.

Make sure that there is enough space left around bigger pictures otherwise they will look cramped.

Carefully decide where you are going to hang the more valued items.  Kitchens and bathrooms should be avoided in this aspect due to their specific conditions.

Lighting is also essential in the placing of a specific piece.  To see what the effect will be on a specific artwork observe the effect of the light during different times of the day.  Keep valuable pieces away from direct sunlight and remember that large glazed objects opposite windows will reflect a glare.  Although natural daylight is the best artificial lighting can also be used to bring out the quality of the work.