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8 Tips to conserve artwork…

Picture framing is about the protection of the artwork as well as with the purpose of displaying it. Consider consulting a restorer before you decide to actually frame an art piece, for example if your artwork of high value is damaged, maybe slightly torn or having fox marks. Keep artwork on paper clear from paper or other materials that might contain acid. Don’t hang your artwork on the inside of an outer wall facing the rain side for this might cause damage. Cover artwork with plastic at the back if you are staying in areas of high moisture, like at the sea side.Inspect artwork every three to four years to verify whether the seal or cover at the back is still in tacked in order to protect the artwork from dust and other pollution. Avoid areas with huge variances in temperatures for instances if artwork is hanged directly above fire places.  7.  Take note of sunlight or sharp spotlights for it can cause damage due to the UV rays. When cleaning the artwork make use of a soft brush and a slightly damped cloth but avoid strong household detergents due to the fact that it could damage the paint or finish on the frame.